Delicious Destination

“Who said deliciousness and health cannot go together?”

Because we intend to be one of the best and sustainable food creators on international basis, therefore we set our main important policy as follows:


we intend to maintain product freshness as long as possible. therefore, we start from selecting source of raw material that we are confident, from the right location, suitable distance between fruit plantation and manufacturing plant, meticulous and concise process to preserve raw material before production in every step. raw material will be put inside packaging with good qualification in freshness preservation.


safety and hygiene of our customers is our top priority. area inside manufacturing plant, machineries, materials, equipment, raw material, including all of our staff, have to be clean and meet the standards of food industry manufacturing in every process to ensure that our products must be clean and hygienic.

Quality and standard

we are well aware of product quality, quantity per consumption, consistent taste according to our own formula, clean and neat packaging in perfect condition from factory to consumers. all are component and consumer satisfaction that have always given to us. we therefore strive to maintain such quality and standards according to gmp haccp.

Delicious with happiness

our key target is happiness we create from our good intention. we wish our consumers to be happy in consuming our products anywhere and anytime. we promise that we will still strive to keep our production standard to be alive eternally.

In order to achieve business purpose, strategies and brand building play an important role together with long-term planning to obtain market and customer group understanding.

image creation, designing, definition, building our own personality, character, mood, tone, etc are formed to communicate to consumers who know this as “branding”.

major purpose of delicious destination is to have their clients to get simple understanding, not complicated, have difference, possess any outstanding points to draw market interest and have good feeling with brand and products by starting from:

  • analyze market’s needs (brand analysis)
  • put the right positioning of the brand (brand positioning)
  • build communication to target group (brand communication)
  • build an image (brand image)

Deliciousness is part of life


When we discovered fresh and delicious treasure, we also invented “Hyper Rapid Freezing” innovation which is the key to maintain freshness, deliciousness and good health. We have standardized production process, strict and attentive to every single step to deliver fresh and delicious value to your hands every day. Let’s get to know the process of delicious tasting from the first till the last step!