Product Description:

✔  Monthong Durian Premium Quality: Savor the rich aroma and natural sweetness that define the king of fruits.

✔  Mango Premium Quality: Blending of three Thai mango variants in one capsule.

✔  Nam Hom Coconut Premium Quality: Combination of real coconut water and chewy coconut flesh, creating a tropical paradise of flavors in every spoon.

✔  Phu Lae Pineapple Premium Quality: Enchanting aroma and a balanced taste of natural sweetness and refreshment.

✔  E-Dor Longan Premium Quality: Experience longan’s natural sweetness and freshness with each single bite.

✔  Emperor Lychee Premium Quality: Refreshing with sweet and sour taste.


– We use premium-graded Thai tropical fruits.

– Advanced Hyper Rapid Freezing (HRF) technology is used without any heat throughout the production process to preserve vitamins and nutritional value of the fruits without any additive nor preservative.

– Specially produced and designed by Delicious Destination.